Julie and I spent the day in St. Louis and went to the Yeasayer concert Monday.

We had lunch at a local coffee shop near Grand and walked around that neighborhood, then went over to The Loop area of Delmar and looked around there and grabbed a bubble tea. We then went looking for the concert venue on the Washinton University campus. On the way there, we spotted Julian Casablancas crossing the street in front of us. I don’t know if I said it out loud or not, but I at least thought to myself, “Hey, that guy looks like Julian Casablancas. Oh, it is Julian Casablancas.” He had a show later that night at The Pageant.

Julie looks at the Wash U map for clues Monday.

We then went back to Delmar for Thai pizza. The Thai pizza — we had Pad Thai and Tom Yum versions — was strange. I thought it tasted like quiche, even though it didn’t have eggs in it.

We ate slowly, killing some time before the concert. We weren’t sure where to park at Wash U, but we eventually found a spot. We had already purchased our tickets, but there was some major confusion about if there were tickets available still, and the venue organizers hadn’t be especially clear about the matter.

The Riverfront Times story gets into that a little bit. They also have a slide show of photos — one of which I found myself in, I think.

Julie and I were about seven or eight people from the stage. The sound setup was great. There was a point at which I found myself stuck behind a 6’7″ guy and seeing the band got a little difficult. That was probably only for one song. Most of the time, I was behind a girl who was a little shorter than me and I could see fine. She spent a lot of the show bumping into me while dancing, but it was only slightly annoying. Julie got warm towards the end of the show and headed for the back of the room where it was cooler. She said the sound and view was great back there, too.

Yeasayer returns to the stage for an encore Monday, April 26, 2010, at The Gargoyle in St. Louis.

I added this show to my list of concerts and realized we hadn’t been to a show in quite a while.

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