Loot drop 2009

Game Stuff:

  • New Super Mario Bros Wii
    4-players really is a blast, I’m enjoying it much more than Super Mario Galaxy last year.
  • Uncharted 2
    This game is gorgeous and the voice acting is really good, I’m only 5 chapters in right now.
  • Phantasy Star 0
    My sister is thinking about picking this up also after she saw that the characters were cute and that mags made a return. When she heard that there was no Hunter’s License required, that was just icing on top!
  • PS3 Dual Triggers
    Since adding these to my controller, I’ve added 4 more gold medals to my WipEout HD Fury career track that were previously bronze medals. They feel great!



I was blessed again this year with a lot of great gifts from friends and family! This must have been a huge year for the video game industry; I know of new PS3, Wii, and 360 households throughout my social network. I can’t think of many families that don’t have a modern system, and that is really unusual I think. 

My brother gifted the entire family with a German boardgame, as is his tradition. This year it was Le Havre, made by the same folks that made Agricola. It has a great balance to it:

  • There is nothing random providing benefit to other players, all random elements are available to all of the players.
  • The resource consumables are repopulated in a much easier-to-track manner by being populated systematically each user turn.
  • There are many strategic options for obtaining the most points by game end, and a lot of flexibility for using resources or cash.
  • The game will move itself along with pre-sorted card decks making it very difficult to block player strategies or stall the game.

It took us about 3 hours to play the first 4-player game. Now that we have it down though, I would expect the game time to be cut in half. I won the first game with 160 points, my brother had 136, Dad was at 120 and my sister-in-law was somewhere near 90.

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