Fall Break

Emilie is home from Colorado for a week! She’s been spread pretty thin trying to catch up with everyone, but I’m looking forward to having her back in karate on Tuesday! I don’t know if Travis is making it up from Mississippi for Thanksgiving. I hope so, it feels like a really long time since I’ve seen him.

Jantina and I have barely made a dent in our Christmas shopping. We’re excited to be going to Des Moines the first weekend of December to visit Christopher, Toni, Cameron & Luci! Perhaps we can take advantage of the “big city” to finish off our shopping!

We have only a few weeks left in our Financial Peace University class. I’ve learned a ton and its been a lot of fun! I made different choices on my health insurance for next year, changed priorities to pay off the car early, closed 3 credit lines, started the envelope system and paying in cash. One statistic that was shared early on, was that when using a credit card a person will spend 18% more. I decided to test this on our grocery shopping to use cash only via the envelope system. Our total grocery spending declined 25% by the second month. That is a far better deal than earning points (my original reason for running everything through the card). A few simple changes like that can really add up!

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