Trouble in Tivo land

Months ago, I noticed that our Tivo wasn’t deleting recordings from the Deleted folder and was not recording any “Suggestions.”

We had a lot of shows saved up, taking up a lot of room, so I put off looking into the problem. When we more recently cleared off enough shows — and I was more confident that we weren’t causing the problem by having too much memory taken up — I looked through the Tivo support forums and found others complaining about the same problem. I also found some things to try.

I tried a few things simultanously, so I’m not sure which part was the real solution. What I did was, clear all the thumbs up and thumbs down ratings, in the settings, told the Tivo to not record suggestions, then restarted the machine. When it finally rebooted, I changed the settings back so that the Tivo would record suggestions. After that, both problems were gone.

One response to “Trouble in Tivo land”

  1. Troy says :

    Good to know, we haven’t seen the issue on ours … yet.

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