Fall sum-up

• My first cousin once removed Barry died early this morning. He was 57. [link]

• My photo of Edinburgh is being used in the Schmap Edinburgh Guide, I was informed today. I had a Creative Commons license on the photo that gave them permission to use it.

• In my search for a song to use in a video at work last night, I found the song “Agent Orange” by Sawtooth and a few others. It was a little difficult finding songs that only require attribution.

• Had another X-Ray done Friday for my Monday checkup. Seems like I never get to see the X-Rays when I get them done. I’d maybe post a little shot of them here if I could … and if it were interesting-ish.

• Seems like months since I’ve mowed, but I finally did today. The grass didn’t need it all that much, but the leaves are starting to fall, so I mulched them up a bit.

• Julie and I bought a friend’s couch and love seat recently. We moved them into the house a couple weekends ago and we’re breaking them in now. The love seat is really in the way in our bedroom, but the couch is working out good.

• I’m enjoying the Adidas Sambas that a friend gave me recently and have been wearing them a lot.

2 responses to “Fall sum-up”

  1. Troy says :

    Congratulations on the Edinburgh guide, that is pretty cool 🙂
    I don’t think I know why you are getting X-Rays, did you hurt something?

  2. Guido says :

    Just a checkup for the kidney stones.

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