Closeout games

One of the two video stores in Jacksonville closed recently and is now selling a lot of its movies and video games. We walked through today and picked up “Star Wars: Episode III,” “Star Wars: Force Unleased,” and “Soul Caliber II” for Playstation 2.

We bought one movie: “Tron” 20th anniversary edition, which Julie has never seen, and which has special features I’m interested in seeing.

One response to “Closeout games”

  1. Troy says :

    Nice finds 🙂
    Soul Caliber is a great series, I think you’ll get a lot of play out of it. I remember getting into the “Weapon Master Mode” after playing through the main arcade version with every character, that really extended the game for many hours for me.

    Force Unleashed is pretty good from what i played of a demo, but I’ve never tried Episode III.

    Good thing Julie is getting caught up on Tron now that the new movie is coming soon !

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