Random Weekend

This weekend was unplanned, I was just looking forward to a break and doing nothing, but we had several nice surprises!

Friday I was able to send my nephew, Ethan, and a couple of his friends to the Cub & Cards game down in St. Louis. My co-worker was unable to use his tickets and we needed to find a use for them within an hour because of the travel time. Leave it to a group of college kids to win the spontaneity award!

Saturday I received a random prank-call from Stirling. We worked together back at Abe-Link, he’s the guy that introduced me to Linux if you can believe that! He was able to come over for a couple of hours to visit. He’s still working in finance, he lived in Japan for a while and most recently Hong Kong, but he’s back in Lincoln until he heads to New York for his next job. It was great to catch up with him, his wife, and daughter. Then I caught up on my “homework” for Financial Peace University. We are really enjoying the class and materials! I often watch Dave’s shows on Hulu too (Yes, I’m the nerd).

Sunday after church, we had dinner with the family, well those that are in town. Emilie is in Colorado for a semester at the Focus Leadership Institute, and Mom & Dad, Katie, Jeff, Kallie, and Taylor are vacationing in Orlando through Tuesday, so we didn’t even need a leaf in the table for dinner!

I’m over my flu, its been great to get back to Karate after missing a week. Ken stopped by Sunday afternoon and offered to repair my recently broken nunchaku… they need to be restrung, and he’s become a pro at weapon repair. Oh, and we actually “kid sat” Noah and Meghan for a couple hours because my sister had a cub scout meeting to attend that evening (that’s a first for us! …it boiled down to a DVD and playing Wii so it went pretty fast).

Overall a pretty random weekend, but a lot of fun!

2 responses to “Random Weekend”

  1. Amie Kenney says :

    Glad you had a good time, and especially glad the kiddo’s were good for you. 🙂 Thanks again for watching them.

  2. Troy says :

    Sure thing, they were great 🙂

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