FB: Tag within status

I just got Facebook’s new tagging within status updates feature today. I’ve been looking forward to getting the feature since it was announced last week.

I’m guessing that you can’t use the feature from the iPhone app, though, or through other third-party apps, like Ping.fm.

2 responses to “FB: Tag within status”

  1. Troy says :

    That is so Twitter of them. I am starting to feel the constraints of Facebook, they are really trying to lock you into using their interface for everything. They used to have RSS feeds for a lot of things but every redesign, more and more open options get buried or removed.

    It is also annoying to use Facebook for event invites because it forces all participants to have a Facebook account and sign-in. It is theoretically a nicer tool than evite, but not as open.

    For now, Twitter is my “status” of choice, and I’ll feed Facebook with it, but I really want to support the most open platforms available. I don’t want to be locked out from MY data.

  2. Guido says :

    Most of the ultimate community is on
    FB, so it works really well for that.

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