Two weeks in Scotland

Julie and I went on a vacation to Edinburgh, Scotland, during the second half of June.

Pictures are on Flickr.

We rented an apartment near the city center and walked around exploring a lot the first week. We went on one bus tour across the country to Oban and back that took most of a day. Another daytrip took us to the highland games in Ceres. The annual Edinburgh Film Festival was going on while we were there, and we went to one film and one other event which involved old short films and live bands.

Doune Castle

I also got to play in some pickup games of Ultimate in a beautiful park, The Meadows, with people from the local college team and a group similar to mine called Sneeekys.

For no good reason, I had a handlebar mustache for the first half of the vacation. One stranger stopped me in the Dublin airport and asked if I would take a photo with him in the Dublin airport. I obliged. And some high school students who were on our flight from Chicago to Dublin were trying to make it look like they were taking pictures of each other, but were clearly aiming the camera at me, instead.

Anyway, I went to a Turkish barber — of which there were lots to pick from — in Edinburgh and had them shave it off. I got the hot towel, lather, straight-razor shave, and a little massage.

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  1. Ethan says :

    sounds awesome

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