Web comics to explore

A few Web comics that look promising and that I intend to check out when I have time (via Whitechapel):

  • After-School Agent [link]
  • Astral Airlines [link]
  • The Disappointment, the Truth and a Few Cups of Coffee [link]
  • The Immortal and the Iron Crutch [link]
  • Team Mummy, Ch. 1 [link]
  • Seeds of Orcus [link]
  • Beleth’s Library of Eclecticism [link]
  • Witch Doctor [link]
  • The Dreamland Chronicles [link]
  • Kukuburi [link]
  • Night [link]
  • The Laroquod Experiment [link]
  • Metaphysical Neuroma [link]
  • Wide Awake [link]
  • Sin Titulo [link]


One response to “Web comics to explore”

  1. Guido says :

    Some of these are pretty good.

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