We just got back from skiing Cascade! My parents, Amie and Katie’s families (minus Ethan) drove up from Lincoln and Jantina and I drove down from Minneapolis to meet them at the resort.

We actually stayed at Kalahari, an indoor waterpark and resort, about 15 minutes from Cascade. The resort was much nicer than anticipated. We had 3 rooms, a master with kitchen in the middle with two “hotel-like” rooms connected on each side. Nice HD panels in each room. We set up the XBOX on one of the smaller ones while the larger was left for viewing Super Bowl 43. Kalahari has go-karts, water slides, rock-climbing, lazer tag, and all kinds of activities inside, though I spent most of my time on the slopes.

We hadn’t skied Cascade before, but we really liked that the runs were fairly close together and the lifts were well organized. Taylor likes to go straight down, and as he passed me he would yell things like “Super Sonic Speeed!”. The 9 year old was always the first one down! Noah did really well too. At the top of one particularly steep run he asked, “Grandpa, is this a blue square or black diamond?”, My Dad said he’d tell him at the bottom. Noah was happy to find out that he had successfully navigated his first black diamond 🙂

We all had a great time! Here is a photobook Mom put together from the trip.

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