Wicked Weekend

Jantina subscribes to Gourmet magazine, and found a new restaurant downtown Minneapolis: Hell’s Kitchen. On Saturday we woke up early and drove downtown for Breakfast. We walked inside, the walls were completely red with black trim, strange art on the walls, and the waitresses were in pajamas. It had a very unique atmosphere. I had the caramel-pecan roll and Jantina was a fan of the homemade peanut butter.

Sunday we were downtown again, we went to the Orpheum to see Wicked. It was fun, very cute, definitely humorous in parts. “Popular” was my favorite song and performance. The Wizard of Oz was never one of my favorites, but the cameos/new back-stories for some of the characters and props were clever.

2 responses to “Wicked Weekend”

  1. BigScott says :

    Of course Troy, you know the music from Wicked sounds better in a blue convertible!

  2. Troy says :

    two guys in a “baby blue” convertible listing to show tunes is just. not. right. embarrassing!!

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