First night at the gym

I’m trying a free week at the local gym. Julie has been going there for a while, going to exercise classes and using the treadmills or elliptical machines. Now that we’re down to one day a week of Ultimate, I thought I’d try going to the gym this winter.

Monday was my first night. I was just going to get familiar with the weight machines, but, after I started doing that, Julie got done with her class and told me I should try the Boot Camp class that was about to start. So I did.

About 20 minutes into the class, I got flush. I didn’t see myself, despite all the mirrors, but that’s what they were telling me. The teacher got me a wet towel and I took a break for a bit then rejoined the class. I turned white again, got a little nauseous, and was fairly close to passing out. The teacher got me a Gatorade and I tried to cool down.

Before I left the gym I had thrown up. Evidently, I had not eaten much Monday. What I had eaten, a couple volcano tacos, I had eaten recently. My blood-sugar level must have been pretty low.

I went back to the gym late Wednesday, about an hour before they close. I got in about 45 minutes on the elliptical cross-trainer machine. I kept my heart rate around 160 for most of that and the machine said I had run about 4.5 miles. And I’m not sore today. Cool. Oh, and I didn’t throw up. Bonus.

One response to “First night at the gym”

  1. Ratz says :

    Ah exercise, Mans only true natural nemesis.

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