Thanksgiving update

Made it through a week in Vegas! I had a conference for work hosted at Bally’s / Paris Sunday through Friday. Jantina and I used our Marriott timeshare to get a two-bedroom and her Mom and Wayne came down from Oregon to vacation with Jantina while I was working (and to hang out in the evenings too). As soon as we landed we headed to In-N-Out for burgers and fries. We were starving because the flight times, combined with timezone changes, forced us to skip a meal. We both had a lot of fun site-seeing, shopping and eating.

By the end of the week Tillman and Jenna flew in and spent the remainder of our time in Vegas with us. Since my conference was wrapped up, we were able to stay up late and “party” (in the most conservative use of that word, haha). Matt taught me how to play Craps, and apparently I was a hot roller and made people lots of money… the players started tipping me 🙂 That was fun, they also gave Tillman and I nicknames, “Yellow” (because I was wearing a yellow t-shirt), and “Jacket” (because Matt was wearing a suit jacket over his T-shirt). Not overly creative, but these other players were pretty toasty I think. Besides, it made our team name “Yellow Jacket”… probably a coincidence, but it did remind me of the old pro-wrestling WWF team “Killer Bees”! Our physiques don’t compare exactly, but it was fun nonetheless.

At dinner Saturday night (at craftsteak), the T-1000 (a.k.a Robert Patrick) sat at a table next to us, that was pretty cool. Jantina didn’t want to make a big scene, so she simply texted me that he was sitting behind me. He had some huge body guards and an entourage of ladies at his table. We assume he was in town for the big UFC fight, it generated a ton of traffic at the MGM that night.

Shortly after we returned from the Las Vegas trip, we drove to Lincoln for Thanksgiving celebrations. On the drive down, we popped in on the Whites in Des Moines for dinner, saw their assembled Ikea furniture (that we helped them load in Minneapolis a while back) and played with Luci and Cameron. It made for a great break to the long drive and was great fun!

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving Travis and Grace, David and Darin, and I had a small LAN party to play Supreme Commander. Travis and I won!

On Thanksgiving we spent the day at my mom’s visiting with family and having a huge traditional meal. We found time to play some XBOX (N+, Bomberman, Castle Crashers) and board games (Puerto Rico!) throughout the visit too.

On the drive back to Minneapolis last night there was ton of holiday traffic and the snow brought the roads to a stand still in many locations. Iowa was the worst, can they not use salt on their roads ?! So many cars in ditches, but the roads were immediately better once we hit Minnesota. I understand now why Matt Janet always drives through Wisconsin in the winter, the Iowa department of transportation leaves a lot to be desired!

We’ve nearly completed our Christmas shopping. Just a few small things left to pick up. That’s when we’ll be back in Lincoln too, the week between Christmas and New Years.

Places to eat:
Koi Las Vegas
craftsteak Las Vegas
In-N-Out Las Vegas
Gallagher’s Las Vegas
Papa Murphy’s Des Moines

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