Leaf already

I made a new iPhone or iPod Touch Webclip icon for the new m.tivo.com page if anyone wants to use it on their . The png icon is here.

Have you seen keyboardr yet? It pulls up results for google, google blog search, google image search and Wikipedia as you type.

My dad told me he saw Brett working at a neighbor’s house, helping clean out gutters and/or raking leaves. Brett was working at this same neighbor’s during that recent Clean Up Lincoln day.

Speaking of raking leaves, I finally got our yard mostly done yesterday. The sun was out and kept me warm for a while, but then disappeared behind clouds, making it quite chilly. I used Josh’s electric mulching mower and the bagging attachment, dumping them from the bag to a 40 gallon plastic bag in our trash can.

I first tried using some smaller bags we had, but that proved to be a royal pain.

I still might use the blower’s bag attachment to suck some leaves out of the shrubs. And I might weed whack the dying plants by the front walkway.

I tried the blueberry flavored Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats. They sounded good, but I’m going to stick with the original.

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