A couple of very busy months

I’ve been doing lots of travel recently. I spent early September in Dallas for training, then the last week of September in Santa Clara for a customer visit, last week in San Diego for a meeting, last weekend in Orlando (that one was non-work though), and now I’m in Lincoln before heading to Austin for another training session. I just learned that as soon as I get back, I’m going to Des Moines on the 5th 2 days (4th and 5th). The week after that I’m going to Las Vegas!

On top of the travel schedule, work in Minneapolis has been extremely busy. I’m ready for things to slow down a bit, and it won’t be long before we have Thanksgiving and Christmas break.. I’m really looking forward to those!

Places to eat:
Matt Tillman took me to Hamano Sushi in San Francisco, and a very unique liquid chocolate cafe too.
Matt Janet introduced me to Old Chicago recently.
While I was in Dallas, I went with a large group of co-workers to try Uncle Julio’s.
Probably the most fun eating while we were in Orlando was the night we went to the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival though Carmela’s was pretty good too.

2 responses to “A couple of very busy months”

  1. guido says :

    I think Julie and I tried Old Chicago in Peoria.

  2. Troy says :

    I think Mateo mostly likes the variety of Beer at Old Chicago since the Salad he ordered looked pretty mundane.

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