A couple weeks ago, Julie and I rescued a dog from the pound.

We saw her picture in the newspaper, and she reminded us of our dog Bindi. I stopped out at the pound to see her. The animal control workers said her name is Fancy, she’s about 2 years old, and her owner needed to move and couldn’t find anyone to take her.

She was a little standoffish, but started warming up to me when I have her some scritches. I called Julie and she said to go ahead and bring her home.

Fancy was covered in fleas — maybe 150 or 200, I’m guessing. A bath got a bunch of them off her, but we quickly went to the vet to get anti-flea medication. That took care of the rest of them over the next several hours.

We started looking for a home for Fancy, but we got attached to her fast. Five days after we got her, we found a home for Fancy.

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