Weekend update

Jantina is in Florida for a baby shower and to see friends, so I’m holding down the fort with Sassy this weekend! My first order of business was sustenance (a.k.a. acquiring “Healthy Choice” frozen dinners), and while I was at the grocery store I found an alternative to Starbucks Doubleshot from Cinnabon. They offer larger serving sizes and run a dollar cheaper per 4-pack. I tried the Espresso & Cream variety… it was similar, but a lot sweeter than the Starbucks product, so I’ll be sticking to the original doubleshot.

I rented a couple of movies (Kill Bill Vol. 1, and In Bruges) and Soul Calibur IV. I’m also playing the new Galaga Legions that just came out this week. That should get me through the weekend pretty well. Galaga is made by the same team as Pac-Man Championship Edition, which I’m already addicted to, so its pretty dangerous.

Earlier this week I called on some clients in Des Moines. While I was there I tried 3 new restaurants and all were good!
New Places to Eat:
Tursi’s Latin King
Granite City
Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse

3 responses to “Weekend update”

  1. Ethan says :

    i believe your dad has hosted seminars at Johnny’s in Peoria!

  2. guido says :

    Those bugs look like one I found in my yard recently.

  3. Troy says :

    That would be a pretty cool bug to find 🙂

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