Home repairs

We replaced the carpet in our front room. There was a strange smell that never quite went away after cleaning (well others didn’t notice it, but I guess I’m sensitive to stuff like that). After the old carpet was up, we discovered a large spill-like area under the carpet near the windows. We were able to clean it up, and spread baking soda over the floor before the new carpet went down, and it is much much better now.

We’ve had a ton of rain this year. Our basement flooded twice. The first time the sump-pump died, the second time power was out long enough that the backup battery drained too. Now I have the primary pump, backup pump with battery, and a tertiary pump that is water-powered. If I get water in my basement after all that, I’ll have to give up.

We had a broken basement window. We discovered that there was a leak in one of the gutter runs, directly over the basement window well. When the window well filled up with water, we found the crack by following the resulting stream of water. We patched the gutter, and replaced the window glass.

In our family room off the kitchen, we noticed dried trails of discoloration on one of the walls. We were concerned there was a leak so we had roofing companies come look at the roof. They told us the attic was dry, however, behind that wall there was no insulation (it is above a stairway). The theory is that during the winter, we had condensation forming on the walls. So we had insulation blown in above the stairs, hopefully that is fixed now.

The roofing companies noticed we had some storm damage on the roof. State Farm came out to take a look and are taking care of it. We have a contract signed with a contractor and they should be out to re-roof the place by end of August.

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  1. Ethan says :

    gee mamilla!!!

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