Back in MN

I’m back in Minneapolis, I drove home last night, got home about 10 p.m. We had a great visit in Lincoln, this is some of the fun stuff we were able to do:

Went water skiing / boating in Clinton with Dad, Emilie, Kallie, and Janel. I was able to “get up” on my first attempt, but subsequent trials were not as successful.

Spent the Fourth of July with family, barbecued, played capture the flag and bocce during the day, board games that night. Travis, Grace and cupcake came to town; it was great to see them!

Played “Supreme Commander” with Travis, David and Darin on the unofficial, yet traditional, Video Game Day (July 5). Also played some oldies — “Phantasy Star Online” and “Kung Fu Chaos” — with Emilie.

Jantina and I played games (Dicecapades, Ticket to Ride, and Zigity) with Julie, Guido and Guido’s parents in Lincoln one night, and had a great time.

Thinking over the time, I’m realizing we played a lot of games! Mostly Puerto Rico, San Juan, and Catan with various crowds over different weekends (Dad, Ethan, Travis, Grace, David, Emilie, Mom).

On July 7, Bungie Day, I celebrated by playing the new “Halo 3” map called Cold Storage.

Attempted to assist Ethan in acquiring his new iPhone (though they were sold out and Travis and Ethan ended up getting it in St. Louis late on the 11th). I didn’t pick up a new iPhone for myself because the monthly fee would have been $15 more than my current deal, though I did upgrade the firmware to get the new applications. I like the potential for the Yelp! application, though I’ve not used it for real yet.

Hung at Noir with Guido, Julie, Jantina, Emilie and Janel, and ate a horseshoe at Muggsy’s after “The Hop.”

Priced out various home improvement / repairs; carpeting for the front room, flooring and drainage for the back porch, water-powered backup sump-pump, basement window replacement, roof repair, etc., etc.

All-the-while working remotely during the day, we were still able to pack in a lot of time with friends and family after-hours and over the weekends. Caught quite a few lunch breaks with David too. It was good.

Small site update: I added My and Guido’s tweets on the left under each of our “links” drop down lists.

3 responses to “Back in MN”

  1. Ethan says :

    It was a great visit! Had a lot of fun while you were here. Can’t wait to see you again!

  2. guido says :

    I think you added my friends’ tweets or something … oh it’s showing the latest fuzzycouch post.

  3. Troy says :

    Interesting, do your tweets automatically list new FC posts? It should update about every 15 minutes or so.

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