Theater in series

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Julie and I saw three movies in the theater this week. Unusual for us. Today, after lunch with friends, it was the new Indiana Jones movie; yesterday “Iron Man.”

Here’s a photo I took recently in the yard.

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purple iris
Iris, originally uploaded by utini.

3 responses to “Theater in series”

  1. Troy says :

    Cool Iris :)So… was Indiana Jones bad? I keep hearing bad reports and I’m considering waiting for video.I liked Iron Man a lot though.

  2. guido says :

    It wasn’t bad. Several of the reviews I’ve heard (or heard about) are luke warm, saying that it’s following the Indiana Jones formula.So it might not be the favorite of the series, but Julie and I enjoyed the ride.If you have a big TV and a good sound system, is going to a movie in a theater much different? Other than getting to see it sooner?

  3. Troy says :

    Theater for seeing it sooner and if it is primarily driven by special effects that lose some “wow-factor” when scaled down. The primary reason is probably when a movie is heavily socialized, and I want to participate in the conversation.We do watch most movies at home these days though. Often better picture and sound quality, flexibility in snackage, no interruptions or distractions, and you can rewind if you didn’t catch a line.

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