Black Box

I’m working the Black Box a.k.a. Sun Modular Datacenter event in Minneapolis today and tomorrow. Today I gave tours and tomorrow I’m speaking on a variety of topics: Identity, VDI, and other software offerings.

3 responses to “Black Box”

  1. guido says :

    So a company just throws one of those in their parking lot, next to their office and voila?And what’s the deal with the tour not stopping in Jacksonville, IL?

  2. Troy says :

    Pretty much! You supply it with Network, Power, and Water and are good to go. You can place the same amount of computing power in 1/8th the space of a traditional datacenter because the we cool only the racks of equipment rather than a whole room, and more efficiently because of the water-cooled heat-exchangers between each rack. Cool stuff!Maybe Jacksonville next year? 😉

  3. Ethan says :

    Very Neato!

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