Working another trade show this week, this time it is local though. I’ll be at the St. Paul River Centre all-day Tuesday. It can make for a long day, but it is fun.

We watched a few movies this weekend, Iron Man was better than I expected, we both liked it. Cloverfield was fun too. I also rented Rainbow Six Vegas 2, I think all developers should do this for sequels; when I started a new game, it recognized that I played the first one, so it gave me rank recognition and unlocked some equipment right away. That whole “welcome back” package was appreciated.

I’ve also been working out every morning, 5:30 AM most days. Its been great, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been gaining weight since starting that, even though I’m not over eating … I have been drinking a lot more water though.

New places to eat:
French Meadow Cafe
Good Earth

2 responses to “Secure360°”

  1. jimandjenn says :

    OK, so I know this post was almost a month ago…but maybe you are gaining weight because you are gaining muscle…. you manly man you!

  2. Troy says :

    I hope that is it 🙂

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