Earthquake in Ill.

Lighter sleepers — I’m not usually included in that lot — were shaken awake by the tremors from a 5.2 earthquake 150 miles away at 4:37 a.m. this morning.

The earthquake’s epicenter was estimated to be six miles northwest of Mount Carmel, according to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Earthquake Web site.

Aftershocks were felt as far away as Grand Rapids, Mich. The latest aftershock about 10:15 a.m. had a magnitude of 4.2, according to the USGS.

My mom said it woke her. Troy, how about you guys … too far away?

3 responses to “Earthquake in Ill.”

  1. Troy says :

    Didn’t feel this one up here .. though I do remember feeling a quake in Central Illinois back when we were in Junior High.Ethan was woken up by it, and my sister said her whole house and furniture in it shook .. pretty scary from what I hear.

  2. Ethan says :

    There was an “aftershock” around 10:30 this morning. That one was a little more freaky, because I was wide awake in my living room. It wasn’t as violent, but I saw pictures and lamps swinging around. Crazy! (I created a facebook group for kicks and giggles; “I survived the Quake!”)

  3. moogerp says :

    Jon felt it here in Jackson, Michigan. He was sleeping when he felt the bed shake & thought it was the dog. The dog was sound asleep so Jon was confused until he saw the news. I was taking a shower and shaving my legs which makes me wobble anyway, so I didn’t notice it. My sister in Lincoln woke up thinking someone was hitting her house with their car, her kids slept through it, and her dog was tossed from the bed.

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