Powering down

I had a new problem with my mobile phone last weekend. I had it in the special phone pouch in my Ultimate duffel bag for several hours before I looked at it to check the time, only to find it was powered down. It does that to keep from entirely depleting the battery. It had been almost fully charged when I looked at it that morning. It did this again once or twice on Sunday after I had a chance to charge the phone again.

My two guesses (as to what the problem is) include: (1) battery is dying, (2) buttons are sticking and causing the phone not to enter its power-save mode. I’m not sure how to test these out. Ideas?

While we were out and about in Lincoln on Monday we stopped in our cell provider’s shop where they immediately blamed the battery, which they don’t have in stock and can’t check to see if they can get one without sending someone a form. Bah!

So I ordered a new battery on eBay and tried giving the phone a good cleaning with rubbing alcohol. So far, no massive power loss. But I have a backup battery on the way, anyway.

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