Travel update

I’m in the Charlotte airport … weather delayed my connection, so I have time to post. Also on the bright side, I just snagged a power outlet next to a seat at my gate 🙂
I’m just helping out with a one-day workshop, then I turn around and fly back home, so its no big deal.

When we were in Lincoln we had our taxes prepared. We lived in three states total, spanning two states for each of two employers, and sold a house (without having it two years). Everything turned out great though, we didn’t make any money on the home sale, so no capital gains.

We really enjoyed our visit in Lincoln. The highlight was visiting with family and playing Puerto Rico on Saturday nights. I also had a blast at karate and our outdoor winter training Friday.

This coming weekend, Mom and Dad are coming to Minneapolis. Dad has an event for work and we are making the most of it. We are going to celebrate our mutual wedding anniversaries at The Capital Grille on Saturday.

Next week I have training in Boston and I’m looking forward to it. It is an Identity Federation “bootcamp.”

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