Giants & Packers

I updated my iPhone with the new software update announced at Macworld. I think the “locate” function is really smart and makes getting directions with the map application much more useful.

We spent Saturday afternoon with Matt, Mandy and Lucas and had a great time visiting. We ate at a Mexican restaurant “Nacho Mama’s” in Stillwater, it was really good, portions were huge!

I’ve hooked up an antenna to our HDTV here … and we are currently watching the Giants – Packers game… well Jantina is watching it, I’m surfing while its on 🙂

I’m heading to a customer in Indianapolis on Friday, and I’m going to drive down to Lincoln after work, spend the weekend, and then fly back to Minneapolis on Monday.

2 responses to “Giants & Packers”

  1. Ethan says :

    lol. that is sooo funny (football). Thats all thats been on lately, so I have seriously kinda… started to like it a little. 🙂 I love HD!

  2. guido says :

    Nacho Mama’s … nice.Have fun in Lincoln!

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