65 degrees in January

My usual, Sunday Ultimate game luckily fell on a super, 65-degree day this week. The turnout was pretty good and we were able to play for a bit longer than usual.

A couple we know through Ultimate — Matt and Bridget — are about to have a baby (unless he arrived today). They were both at the game yesterday and the baby was several days past the due date.

Update: Matt and Bridget had Alexander J. Ratz the following day.

Friday was the opening reception for the January show at Noir Art Emporium. The artist arrived about 11:30 p.m. Thursday night with his work and a friend. The three of us went to work on unloading, then Rhett decided how he wanted the work grouped, then we started hanging.

About six and a half hours later I arrived home and went directly to bed (for two and a half hours of sleep). I also wrote up a little bio and price sheet and got those designed, printed and copied during that time. But at the end, we had around 81 paintings hung. I was amazed thatit took so long and that 81 paintings fit in the gallery.

Josh is in Boston for his graduate program, so he wasn’t around, as he usually is, to help out. So with the all nighter, work during the day Friday and the opening Friday evening, I was wiped out Friday night. I don’t know how Rhett and Tim managed to drive back to Chicago after the opening.

Julie and I just watched the first disc of “Extras” season one. And I watched the whole season of “Kitchen Nightmares” online over the past couple days, as our cable has been out. I had to download Friday’s “Stargate Atlantis,” too.

New camera arrived today. Seems to have some nifty features. Julie took some pics of me flying my remote control helicopter last night at the gallery, but I haven’t uploaded them yet.

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