“I Am Legend”

I went to see “I Am Legend” tonight. It was really good. I would describe it as feeling a little like “Cast Away” crossed with “Resident Evil.”

I went to see it on a whim. I walked by the theater as I was leaving the mall food court. The movie started at 6:15 p.m., I looked at my time-piece and it was only 6:30. So I ordered the ticket and the vendor informed me that the movie might have already started. I thought to myself, “might have … exactly.” Sure enough, I found my seat right as the actual movie was starting. I didn’t have to watch any ads, Perfect!

4 responses to ““I Am Legend””

  1. guido says :

    Julie and Josh were talking about going to see that soon. If I can go with ’em, I will.

  2. guido says :

    I’m trying to get through “The Bourne Ultimatum” right now. It’s a friend’s Netflix DVD so I want to get through it ASAP and get it in the mail. I haven’t checked your list of movies for the year, but mine is WAY shorter than last year’s.

  3. Troy says :

    Mine is pretty short too .. We used our Blockbuster account for a lot of TV series this year. Arrested Development, Ugly Betty, Heroes.

  4. guido says :

    I’ve been putting TV shows on my list if we watch a complete season. We watch quite a few TV series that way, too.

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