Jantina and I spent the weekend in Orlando (80 degrees!). Actually, she is still there for the rest of the week, then we meet up in Lincoln for Christmas through New Years.

I think I’m done with my Christmas shopping, we cut way back this year. I saw on the news that we may not be alone in that, but that it may be an overall trend this year.

We spent all day Saturday with our Orlando “Home Team” group (sans Christopher, we missed you!) visiting, playing games, eating, and just hanging out.

Then, on Sunday, we visited our Orlando church, Calvary Chapel South Orlando. They had a fantastic Christmas service and we were able to catch up with a few friends there, too.

After church I was dropped off at the airport, where I’m writing this post on my cool iPhone 😉
We had a great time seeing everyone!

3 responses to “Pre-Christmas”

  1. Ethan says :

    You’re getting good with those thumbs! (typing on your fancy phone)

  2. Phillip Santillan says :

    Hey Troy! It was good to see you this sunday.

  3. Troy says :

    Thanks Phillip, you too!

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