Columbia, Mo., weekend

Last weekend, Julie and I headed down to Columbia, Mo., (I got Friday and Saturday off work). I was supposed to play in an ultimate tournament called Savage December Rewind.

We checked into our hotel and headed to the downtown district to do some Christmas shopping. By the time Julie and I were getting some late lunch, I received a message and phone call that the tourney was canceled for Saturday due to the weather forecast. The tourney director wanted to know if we wanted to try to hold some version of the tourney on Sunday.

Julie found a lecture Friday night by an author whose book she teaches, so we went to that. I made calls while she was in the talk and I found that a large part of my team decided not to come for the Sunday-only tournament, but I found that we could combine with Dan Morgridge’s team from Chicago.

Julie and I had all of Saturday to do more Christmas shopping, which we did, and try some restaurants that were recommended. The weather wasn’t nearly as bad as the forecast had warned. The Lincoln, Neb., team was in town and sent out a message that they were going to be playing Ultimate Saturday afternoon, so I joined them for a couple hours of playing.

Dan and three others came late Saturday, then five from my team came Sunday morning to find 63-degree temps. A front blew through and it poured and the temperature dropped 20 degrees or so, but we played the two teams that didn’t bail out on us. Then my team warmed up at Flat Branch, a brew pub type place. Then we all hit the road.

I helped Josh hang the December show at Noir on Monday. There are 17 prints. The show opens Friday night.

Trying to use up vacation time, so I’m off tomorrow. I plan to clean and straighten at the gallery.

Sometime tonight, Utini found a bag of dark chocolate M ‘n M’s that we didn’t realize were within his reach — so Julie had to make him throw them up. Good times. We’re heading over to Josh’s soon for Project Runway, cheese and bread.

2 responses to “Columbia, Mo., weekend”

  1. Troy says :

    poor Utini : ( Was It snowy when you played?

  2. guido says :

    No, it was rainy. Didn’t get quite cold enough to turn to snow.

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