The Livery

I had lunch with Matt Ratz yesterday at The Livery in downtown Springfield.

I was in Springfield for a car appointment — it seems my tires are chopped and there’s nothing to do about it other than get new tires. I’ll just put up with the extra road noise until I have to get new tires anyway.

The Livery’s menu didn’t have much for vegetarians, but we concocted a tomato and egg pony shoe that was good. They also had sweet potato fries on the menu, but the pony shoe was enough, by far.

I updated my list of Ultimate tournaments attended, which is up to 43. [link]

New (to me) this morning: A new Captain America was announced. — with a new costume (see link for images), he’ll be carrying a gun. [link]

I see there’s a bunch of casting news for the next Star Trek movie. Seems pretty good so far.

And there’s a computer animated Thundercats movie in the works? I missed this announcement. [link] But now it has a director.

There are a few free TV show pilot episodes out there on the Internet, including a few on iTunes. I downloaded some on iTunes and watched “Moonlight” last night. I liked it enough to check out more episodes — if it isn’t on at the same time as something else I already record.

3 responses to “The Livery”

  1. Troy says :

    Hm. I don’t like new Captain America costume. It looks the guy “out grew” his suit’s pants and had to wear the shirt with any old trousers that he just happened to have on hand.The belt and weapons are necessary for heroes without powers… like Batman.

  2. guido says :

    I don’t care for the new costume either. It’s not all that different, but it just isn’t as good. Of course, when Alex Ross paints it or draws it, it still looks pretty decent, but it isn’t anywhere as cool as the most recent costume or the Ultimate Captain America costume ( as drawn by Bryan Hitch).

  3. guido says :

    It’s not as lame as this, though.

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