Travel woes

I’m glad to be back home; I was in Phoenix last week for work and the travel was exceedingly difficult.

My flight out of Bloomington (BMI) was canceled Sunday night, so my wife drove me to Chicago (ORD) early Monday morning, so I got a late start Monday. I worked late every day to make up for lost time.

Then on Friday, my flight leaving Phoenix (PHX) was two hours delayed because of a mechanical failure, and, once we landed in Chicago, I ran non-stop to the Bloomington gate because the monitors said that the flight was leaving on time (i.e. 15 minutes). My lungs were on fire by the time I got to my gate, only to be told that the Bloomington flight was delayed because of a late arrival of its plane! I wouldn’t have run all that way if the monitor had been updated … sheesh!

Bloomington airport is the slowest when it comes to retrieving checked bags. It takes about 20 minutes for the claim belt to start moving, and then the bags slowly start populating it. My bag didn’t show up by the time the claim belt stopped moving, so I and a handful of other weary travelers head for the exit, figuring we would have to call the airport in the morning (because it appears like everything is shut down, everything is dark and not an employee in sight). But my wife decided to hunt someone down to find out who to call in the morning. Not only did she find an employee behind the unlit counter (hiding in the dark?), but they were able to locate my bag with the claim ticket and in only a few minutes brought it to her from the back.

I was very happy to have made it home, albeit very late Friday night.

6 responses to “Travel woes”

  1. guido says :

    I’m surprised you don’t have many more stories like this, as much as you travel. … I’m glad your travel woes don’t often rise to this level, though.

  2. Troy says :

    Thanks, me too! You are right though, usually my travel is very smooth. I just hope that it is not indicative of this area and maybe I’ve been spoiled by traveling from /to Orlando.

  3. Till-Man says :

    does this mean you will be moving back to a real city/town?

  4. Jamie says :

    Leace it to Jantina for not giving up! She is relentless! Uh…”nuh no”.

  5. Aakash says :

    I was just looking through my blogroll… It is depressing how so many good weblogs that have been up there, for awhile, are no longer current, or worse, no longer online.I’ve closed my Blogger Template window, but I’m thinking that ‘Fuzzy Couch’ is there, near ‘Twenty Something‘… So the reason I had added your site (awhile back) could be because of an Illinois connection (I see, from being back here, that that is where you are based); ‘Twenty Something’ is also from Illinois, and he had blogrolled my site, but I see that his is no longer current. I may have commented here before, or been linked to by you before, or something… It’s hard to remember, after being at so many blogs, for all these years. [My 5-year ‘Blogiversary’ is one week from today.]Congratulations on continuing to maintain a current and active weblog. The second paragraph of this particular entry jumped out at me, because, to create an embedded link in this entry, I was looking for a Blogosphere reference to the “Bloomington airport.” I had done a Google Blogsearch (it’s better I think, when doing links, to link to others’ blog entries, rather than non-blog web pages), and I remember seeing an entry or two on Bloomington, Indiana, and perhaps a couple on our Bloomington Airport; I ended up linking to this one – but if this post of yours had been there at the time, it would have been ideal to reference.You are referring to the Bloomington, Illinois airport, right? (CIRA – BMI) I remember, when I was in a hurry to get back to campus one time, when landing there, I decided to pack everything into one carry-on, so I wouldn’t have to go through baggage claim there.I don’t remember how fast or slow it is (when I did have to pick up bags there), but I do think that CIRA is very convenient, for those of us who live in central Illinois. It is small, and easy to get around in (in my recent trips, I’ve frequently had to use the Atlanta, Georgia airport – which I think is now the busiest in the world – so you may be able to imagine how nice of a change CIRA can be!… Were you at Midway or O’Haire, before hand?)… I see that you were also able to take advantage of the convenience a smaller airport like CIRA provides.I am glad your trip went safely. Congratulations once again, for your fine weblog… I hope to be back here soon!

  6. Troy says :

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes I was talking about CIRA – BMI… I ended up driving to O’Hare to get to my customer on time. My brother works somewhere in IT at UIS.. though I see you are in the D.C. area now. I used to travel to D.C. for work frequently and Springfield (SPI) has direct flights there now!

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