Des Moines: Day 3


We checked out of the hotel, I grabbed a bit to eat from their breakfast bar, and then we picked up a couple things from the Grocery Store, Dahl’s, on our way to see Toni and Christopher.

Once we arrived, Jantina started preparing crowd-favorite: Monkey Bread and Christopher and I stepped out back to play another round of Bocce. We basically relaxed all morning. We looked through Sunday flyers in the paper, experimented a bit with the Simpsonizer, Jantina and Toni ran to Target and we played with Cameron and Luci.

Des Moines 001 Des Moines 004

Toni’s dad prepared another awesome dinner for us before we had to say goodbye and start the trip back home. We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to our next visit!

Des Moines 002

4 responses to “Des Moines: Day 3”

  1. guido says :

    So where’s your Simpsons-ized you?

  2. Troy says :

    Good idea, I uploaded the Simpsonized images to Flickr.

  3. guido says :

    OK, I uploaded one of mine to Flickr, too.

  4. Porch-Man says :

    this blog is an awesome idea. I never thought of using a blog like this. Very original and amazing graphics. Keep it up guys.

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