Des Moines: Day 1

Friday we made it to Des Moines around 5:00, checked into our hotel to drop off our stuff and Christopher met us soon after. We went to Toni’s parent’s house for dinner (which was awesome, pork chops, asparagus, and sweet corn) and to visit. Cameron and Luci have grown so much since we last saw them, they are doing great (and so cute)!


After dinner we went to the back yard to play Bocce. It was our first time, but it was a lot of fun experimenting with techniques for tossing our ball close to the jack or alternately into another player’s ball to push it away from the jack.

I also spent some time looking at Christopher’s computer, the disk was completely full. He’s not had the Mac Book that long, but he’s a heavy user (20 Gigs of Music and another 20 of photography, yikes!). I used Disk Inventory X to get a graphic representation of the usage and iPhoto Diet as a first pass at unclogging things. It did free some space, but it was clear he needed more.


We had Cold Stone Creamery as a night cap and then back to the hotel to visit a bit more. Tomorrow we are off to the Farmer’s Market!

5 responses to “Des Moines: Day 1”

  1. guido says :

    We play bocce ball, too, whenever we get a chance. Josh has a set.

  2. Troy says :

    It is fun, we are going to get a set for our place too now that we have a nice yard.

  3. guido says :

    There’s a nice looking Eddie Bauer set at Target. 🙂

  4. Troy says :

    It looks good, do you know if that set has 4 colors or just 2? It seems like some sets have 4 of one color and 4 of another (which would be OK for 2 teams), while others have 4 different colors 2 each (better for 4 players).

  5. guido says :

    The one Josh has includes four colors, and it’s pretty heavy duty, too. But I don’t know what brand his is. I’m afraid you’d have to check it out in person.

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