Serendipitous journey


Today Emilie and I decided to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Jacksonville, Illinois. Guido gave me a heads up that the Downtown Gallery Hop was today and that Noir would be opening at 5:00 along with other locations. So Emilie and I made a nice road trip out of the adventure. We met Guido (and Julie and Josh) just as they opened the doors. After looking at the Elizabeth Ferry pieces we decided to check out the other galleries.

The Karen Watkins display at “Sandy’s Clip To Mania” was Emilie’s favorite. The little characters were pretty cute. For me, it was the stained glass. I think I might like to have some custom stained glass in my home someday… something like the prairie style piece at Jacksonville Art Glass. The end of our ‘hop’ was the “Three Legged Dog Cafe”, I hadn’t been there before, but I especially appreciated the architecture of their building.

Our car was parked at Noir, so we visited a bit more with Guido before heading home. On the drive home we decided to eat at Alexander’s Steak House in Springfield, Emilie had the number in her cell phone, so she called up and made reservations just in case they might be busy on a Friday night. It was good (we ate too much) and then for ‘dessert’ we grabbed a couple Red Bulls at the Walgreens across the street (Just because it came up in conversation and she’d never tried one before).

We had a great time just hanging out , catching up, and seeing some cool stuff!

2 responses to “Serendipitous journey”

  1. guido says :

    Thanks for coming. I eventually got a chance to walk around and see the other shows, too.

  2. Troy says :

    Sure thing, we had a blast! Glad you got a break to see the other shows too.

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