Picked up my comics subscription last night after our regular Ultimate game. I’m so behind on reading comics that I’m trying to figure out which books to cut from my subscription list. I settled on Uncanny Xmen and might drop Xmen as well. The difficult part is that high-profile books like those often have good artists and writers.

I ended up adding Thor to my list, as it’s about to relaunch with a great creative team: writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Olivier Coipel. [Link]

One response to “Thor”

  1. Becky Lehmann says :

    Once upon a time in 1996/1997, I was a B5 addict and frequented a message board or a mailing list or something that JMS occasionally popped in on. He actually answered my question about his writing process, specifically, given that he had a story arc already plotted out, if he ever had trouble making the characters go where they were supposed to go. He didn’t just say yes, but pointed specifically to Marcus’ martyrdom for Ivanova. That apparently was never part of the plan, that Marcus was supposed to go do big great things in the B5 universe, but that the character dragged JMS kicking and screaming down that road instead.Semi-related note: About a year and a half later, I was working the door at my restaurant at DisneyWorld and Andrea Thompson showed up with some guy, obviously a date, and obviously not her husband (she was still married to Jerry Doyle at the time). She had a bodyguard, who stood outside to smoke and he gave me all the dirt on their divorce. Andrea, by the way, came off as a total biatch. In many ways, for stuff like that, that minimum wage POS job was the most fun I ever had.

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