All kinds of doings

It’s already late, but I think I’m going to stay up and watch the “Battlestar Galactica” I have recorded. I meant to do it earlier today, but I ran out of time.

I’ve been feeling less than 100 percent the last few days — several super-intense headaches from sinus pressure. Hope that’s over.

At the gallery tonight we sold a piece of artwork. I quite like Edie’s work, so I’m glad others do, too.

I just posted four photos from the Monday night show over on the Noir blog,, so check there if you want to see ’em. Before the show I picked up a new light just for the performances. It has an amber gel on it for that for extra warmth. I kinda want to get one more, possibly and put red and blue gels on ’em.

I’m hoping we get a decent crowd for Saturday’s freejazz concert at the gallery, though I’m not really sure how to reach the audience. A few people have said they get a kick out of reading “freejazz concert, $5.”

Sunday’s weather was spectacular for Ultimate, and we had a great turnout, including Sam, who is new to town and came looking for us and I imagine will be a regular. The ground was still soft, but not too soft, the air was warm, not much wind except for that weird swirly dust devil thing that blew threw.

I have been working on updating the painting photos on Larry Calhoun’s site. I’ve got three more to add that I picked up from him Monday that I still need to crop, resize, optimize, etc.

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