Birthday sundries

Birthday has been a good one. I got not one, but two gadgets that allow me to listen to my iPod through the car radio. You should see the kitten cake that Julie (and Josh?) picked out for me. I’ll try to post a photo sometime.

Went to Bloomington Sunday evening — to Oriental Gourmet — for a dual-birthday meal with Dad. Tempura, sushi, sake and three chinese dishes equals mega-full. Mom and Dad also got me an awesome present: A membership to the Threadless 12 Month club.

Also Sunday, we played Ultimate in -7 degree wind chill (19 degrees) for two hours. Actually only 6 people came, so we played box. Matt (J.) had invited me to come up for a two-day hat tournament near him the same weekend, which would have been great, but I didn’t really have enough notice. I’m not sure how comfortable it would have been, too.

Julie and I have made it a month as vegetarians. Yesterday we went to the local vegan dinner potluck thingy, held at the organic food store a few blocks from our house. The food was good, and spicey.

Today I added a feature to the JJ-C Web site. Now one can submit a comment for Open Line via the site. Hehe.

3 responses to “Birthday sundries”

  1. Jantina says :

    Happy late Birthday! – Jantina

  2. Troy says :

    Happy Birhtday! I wondered about the veggie thing when your photos were being added to that recipie site 😉

  3. guido says :

    Jantina, thanks for the birthday wishes. And very clever of you, Troy.

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