Christmas vacation 2006


We are back from Illinois. We had a very busy time visiting everyone!

We flew in on Saturday, our flight was 2 hours late because our airplane coming from Philly was late to Orlando. Once we arrived, my parents picked us up and we went over to Katie’s house where my niece had prepared a fantastic dinner for us. She used a few Food Network recipes and really impressed us!

Sunday we went to Christmas Eve service at Jefferson Street, played some games, and traditional early present opening with Travis, Emilie, Mom and Dad.

Monday was Christmas; The entire family arrived at Mom’s throughout the day. Presents in the morning, our regular Christmas brunch, and played a lot of games (Wii sports, Ticket to Ride, and Catch Phrase).

Tuesday I went to Bloomington to visit with Brett, we had coffee at Barnes and Noble and dinner at Logan’s and ate way too much.

Wednesday I visited with David, had coffee at his place in the morning . That afternoon we drove down to Springfield to visit with Travis, we ate at Darsey’s Pint and played Guitar Hero at his place. After that, we went on to Jacksonville to meet up with Guido at Noir (yummy beverages) and eat at Brickhouse Barbecue (sweet potato fries rock!). On the way back home we dropped in on Travis and Grace again.

Thursday we went to see Jantina’s grandmothers … one in Lincoln, the other in Emden. We also saw Uncle Tom for a few minutes while we were at Friendship Manor.

Friday we drove to Decatur to see Aunt Anna and Uncle Jack, ate pizza and played “Apples to Apples.”

Saturday I had a chance to visit with Ken Reese. I hadn’t seen him in 15 years! Then we flew home that evening.

My sister says I need to come home more often so that it isn’t as busy. I’m not sure if that would work or not, but it is something to consider.

Sunday we accepted an offer on our house. Supposedly our closing date is the 27th of this month, so we are looking for apartments for the short term. That evening we went over to Jim and Jenn’s to celebrate Jim’s birthday and New Years Eve. We had a blast! I did suffer my first Wiinjury when Scotty attempted to deliver a backhand in tennis and took my shoulder with the virtual ball.

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