Josh and Amanda went out this morning and managed to find a Nintendo Wii (on the first day they were available). We got a call from them that they were setting it up and we should come over. So we did get the opportunity to play the new Wii. Josh, Amanda and Julie created my Mii for me while I was at Ultimate, and it looks good. I don’t think I care for the baseball game, but the other Wii Sports games were fun.

UPDATE: See my Flickr account for photos of the Mii characters we created.

Speaking of Ultimate, Sunday’s game was eventful. Not only did we have a ton of people out — 16 or 17 including four or five new people — but we had an injury. Carlos dislocated his finger as he was diving for the disc. He popped up and said “Can anyone fix this?” Turns out, we could have popped it back ourselves, but we weren’t feeling too confident about doing that, so I grabbed my keys and drove him to St. John’s Hospital.

Julie got to feeling pretty sick all of a sudden after we got home as we were watching “The Di Vinci Code.”

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