Las Vegas: Day 6


we rented a car and drove to the Hoover Dam. It was impressive to see the size and learn about all the engineering that went into creating such a structure. We went in to see the generators, into one of the diversion tunnels, and then back to the top to see a few more educational exhibits.

For lunch we found ourselves at In-N-Out Burger. Christopher strongly suggested that we eat there while we were out this way. We were not disappointed! They don’t freeze their beef, they use 100% cholesterol-free oil for frying their freshly peeled potatoes for fries, and they don’t use preservatives in their spongy rolls … it all tasted great!

After lunch, we drove to Red Rock Canyon and did some hiking and amateur rock climbing. It was a perfect day, cool breeze and no clouds. We really enjoyed climbing around and seeing the little desert animals.

When we returned to the strip, we caught a quick meal of Hot Dog on a Stick at Fashion Show Mall and banana toffee gelato from the Bellagio. During the walk we happened to catch the pirate show in front of Treasure Island, it wasn’t that great but the effects were impressive.

Troy enjoying In-N-Out Burger
View more of my Las Vegas photos in my “Las Vegas” set on Flickr

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