Las Vegas: Day 2


We were pretty tired last night after our trip here and getting into the action right away. Today we woke up a little late and ate one of the greatest buffets, Le Village Buffet at the Paris. It was amazing. We ate what later felt like 80 pounds of food (including some of the yummiest crepes ever).

This afternoon, Tillman, Jantina, and I went to an indoor cart racing track. … I’ve never been on these really fast carts where they have you wear fire suits and helmets and everything. I was the slowest of the bunch each time we raced, but Jantina’s lap times were pretty impressive. Matt actually had the second-fastest lap for the entire day for the facility. (Best lap times — T: 31.89; J: 31:00; M: 28.57) I also had my first ever Red Bull, and I liked it.

Now we are heading out to dinner at Gallagher’s in the New York, New York.

I had a great aged porterhouse steak, and the baked Alaska was very yummy. After dinner we walked to see the fountains at the Bellagio then on to Caesars Palace and the Mirage just to look around a bit and walk off our dinners. We are back at the hotel now playing some XBOX 360 and relaxing. We spent some time in a really nice video arcade in the New York, New York, on the way to the roller coaster there. We played air hockey, some driving and flight simulator games.

View more of my Las Vegas photos in my “Las Vegas” set on Flickr

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