I went to another Ultimate tournament, though I could only make it to the second day. I got about two hours of sleep Saturday night, getting up at 7 a.m. and driving to Macomb. I picked up with the WIU women’s team (Mysteria?) along with other guys from Torque and a few guys from Quincy.

Willy MellorThe above photo, by Roger H., is of my friend Willy (right), who was playing for the ISU Gnomes at the tournament this weekend.

When I got back to J’ville and worked at the gallery for a few hours, making some progress on the bathroom. Of course, I also found out that some of the stuff I had done on the sink wasn’t to ADA code, so we’ll have to redo that stuff. We tried to watch a movie, but I quickly crashed. But we were back in the gallery Monday, with Julie off work for Columbus Day.

Monday night Julie and I watched a couple movies, “Good Night, and Good Luck,” and “Everything is Illuminated” last night, too. And I watched the season premiere episodes of “This Old House” and “Veronica Mars.”

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