New car!

troy Today Jantina and I got up early and went car shopping for my birthday! Actually, I’ve been reading up on cars and interviewing others about their recommendations for a few weeks now, so the timing was a coincidence really.

We started at 8:30 and by 1:30 we we were driving our new silver Acura TL! We need to take it in later this week to get a handful of accessories added (ipod adapter, a spoiler, and body-side molding). Our previous car, the Pontiac Grand Prix, was seven years old with 135,000 miles. We’re really excited about the new ride.

For lunch we picked up my free Birthday Club creation from Cold Stone and then went home and programmed the car for my garage door opener and cell phone.

Jantina took me to Artist Point for dinner. My favorite things there are the smoky mushroom soup, buffalo sirloin, and the coffee two ways dessert.

I’m calling the new car NCC-82606 (I’m a geek)
Acura logo

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