Classic Arcade Spectacular

A traveling co-worker like myself purchased an XBOX 360 to play at the hotel while on projects. We are both in DC this week, and have been playing in the evenings. Last night, we played classic Gauntlet through XBOX Live Arcade. There were three of us, so we were just going to play a little bit before popping in his new copy of Madden 07. Well, we kept going, we passed level 20, and before long level 60. We thought there was an achievement to unlock at level 80, and we already had so much time in, we decided to press forward to get the level 80 award. Once we got to level 80, and there was no notice of accomplishment, we looked up the achievements online and discovered it was actually for completing level 100! Well, there was no way we were going to stop at this point… so we continued through level 100, and achieved the level 100 “Game Master” achievement! This took us from around 8:00pm to 2:00am … yikes!

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