Floating thoughts

Jantina and I have been spending our Saturdays in the pool lately. It’s fun just floating around and catching some rays, but being in the back yard brings to mind a few annoyances.

My yard is dead. I’ll probably have to re-sod the whole thing. Our friend Jeff planted some bushes for us in our conservation lot behind the house. The previous owner had actually cleared a good portion of it, and we’d like to fill it back in.

I have two new neighbors, one on each side of the house. On the one side, the house’s previous owner had left his fence piled up next to his house for over a year after hurricane Charley took it out. The new owner decided to put the fence back up, which seemed like a good idea, but it is really ghetto. The pieces had made a nice white vinyl fence, but they decided to just drill those parts into some wooden 4 by 4s. It does not look nice, but it does provide some privacy.

The new neighbors on the other side had some old leather sofas that appeared to be make-shift patio furniture. It turned out that the pieces were just on their way to the dump, so our worry was premature. They do blow clippings into our pool when they mow the yard, which is mildly annoying, but those do get cleaned up by our pool filter before we jump in.

All-in-all, it is a quiet neighborhood, but the home owners association needs to step it up a bit…. although then they’d probably tell me about my dead yard too.

EDIT: Here is a photo of the Ghetto Fence:

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