I picked up Chromehounds this weekend for my 360. It is fun, deep, and complicated. I don’t think I could easily recommend it to others because it requires a large commitment of time and isn’t as easy to get into, the audience is a little more exclusive than your typical console game.

For example, you can’t just join a random game and be matched up with others to play. You’ll want to join a squad, which will have to accept you for one of their limited slots. Then each time you sign-on, you’ll automatically be in that squad’s room and you’ll take part in battles that make up a larger persistent war. This is great for building camaraderie and a better sense of immersion into the game’s environment, but it does not allow for the typical XBOX Live model of playing with among the 200 people on your Live Friends list, popping in and out of games.

There are all kinds of customization options for the “hounds” themselves and there are already plenty of virtual gear heads providing recommendations and tuning tips to the newbies like myself. I’m still a rookie but typically have 3-6 other squad members online when I sign-on that share their experiences with me.

I just hope this game doesn’t disappear into obscurity like Steel Battalion because this type of game only works when you have a good group of people available to play with and against!

EDIT: I just discovered that there is a “Free Battle” option that is not associated with the large persistent war which does allow the more standard invites and random pickup games with whomever you want.

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