Redesign of shirt site

Threadless did a major redesign this week. It looks pretty neat and there seem to be more features and lots of new shirts. It’s the site’s anniversary, too, so they’re having a sale. (Use that link above and I get some street team points if you buy something.)

Mom and dad treated us to dinner at D’Arcy’s Pint last night to celebrate Julie’s birthday. Good stuff. The place was packed on a Monday night … wild.

Ran into Clark from Ultimate at a store we stopped in after dinner. He and a friend were buying swimming goggles and assundry items for his new job working at some sort of summer camp.

Just finished the first disc of the first season of “Entourage.”

We played “Karaoke Revolution” for three hours the other night, trying the different games and attempting to unlock new songs. When my mom and dad were in town, we had them try it, too. They might have liked it more if there were songs they knew. We’ve also discovered the weirdness that is “Warioware.”

Josh helped me with the ladder I borrowed from the neighbors (which I think they were borrowing from someone, too) yesterday. There was a little clog of gunk in one of the gutters that I’d been wanting to clear out for some time. Hopefully the gutter won’t back up and overflow in that spot anymore.

And speaking of the neighbors, they appear to be selling their house already. There is a sign in their yard that wasn’t there yesterday.

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