‘Bring it,’ as Tom would say

A bunch of athletic college guys challenged my pickup group to an Ultimate game Thursday night. They could clearly run us into the ground, but they didn’t really know the fine points of the game, and we won decisively. I think everyone had fun, so I hope a bunch of them come back in the future.

It was Rory’s last night before he moves to Seattle, and he got hurt early in the game. Ouch. And it rained pretty much all day — drizziling while we played until it finally let up, probably around 8.

Mom and Dad are finishing up their vacation and came down Friday morning. They’re staying for a couple days. We went out to a big annual garage sale (the one I found my North Face jacket on last year) around and I found some gravity boots … which I’ve been wanting to find on a garage sale for years! Now I just need to find a bar to hang from.

For lunch, we had sandwiches and drinks at the coffeehouse downtown, then to the Brickhouse Barbecue downtown for dinner. This was our first time at the Brickhouse and it was pretty good. I’m not a connaisseur of barbecue, for sure, but it seemed good.

We’ve been playing “Warioware” with Josh and Amanda, and they just bought “Karaoke Revolution” and we played that the other night.

Oh, hey, Troy … have you seen this yet?

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